Atheletes are crybabys!!!!!

4 years ago

Are football player in the US and Europe pansies? American Football, Soccer and Futbol and football worldwide. The players have so much to complain about. I have been to quite a few sporting events and nothing aggravates me more than professional athletes playing indoors in air conditioning and fake turf.
I mean does it ever bother you how much penalty time is given for fake injuries? There should be large, instant fines for any football player (of any country) who fakes an injury or procrastinates the game.
American football is exciting and does better, but they have so much mouth and complaints after the games that its just pathetic.
Recently I read that the Saint Louis rams were looking for millions of dollars from an already dead saint Louis economy, I mean give me a break!
Now they want to be commended for taking it upon themselves to pay for there own stadium. You want a cookie!?
Even the Saint Louis Cardinals expect a pat on the back to pay for the renovations to there ballpark area. I mean we pay hundreds of dollars for games that are often mediocre and the players only excuse for there poor performance is that there stadiums need nicer seats, or more fake turf, or more restaurants surrounding the stadium. Give me a break!
Whats your favorite team?
Are they money hungry?
Does the city or the team pay for all of the renovations and requests of the players?
Are they even rally worth watching?

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