At Home Manicure! Like a pro!

2 years ago

Okay, so not all of us like paying $25 to get a manicure that we can do at home for less! I am one of those people, and that`s what i think has sparked my interested in at home manis! I don`t want to spend the money on a manicure that isn`t going to make it through the week, when with those $25 i can buy two whole bottles of nail polish, or buy 5 cheese burgers :) lol

**I`m not a professional, i don`t claim to be, the following is what I personally do to achieve my at home manicure, continue at your own risk**

-First thing i do is make sure i remove all of my old polish off of my nails, we want to start on a clean slate!

-Secondly I use my Sally Hanson Instant Cuticle Remover, it works very well to soften the cuticles in 15seconds! after i`ve applied the Cuticle Remover i wait the 15 seconds, and with my nail i push back on to my cuticle (You can also do this step using a cuticle pusher but i prefer using my nail). Make sure to wipe the Cuticle Remover `gel` off with a napkin.

-After pushing my cuticles back, i then proceed to VERY CAREFULLY cut them, with my cuticle nipper (The one pictured is for your feet, thats why it looks so large! but the one for your hands looks exactly the same!)

-Then i proceed to shape my nails! when i do this i only move my file in ONE direction, never back and forth because that causes more damage to the nail, and i usually go for a square shape and try to round the edges.

-Now I apply a nail strengthener, i prefer the one by O.P.I (O.P.I Natural Nail Strengthener)

-Finally i apply Essie Apricot Cuticle oil to my nail and cuticle (focusing on the cuticle) and massage it in. This cuticle oil smells so good and it leaves your hand (where you applied it) feeling so soft!

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