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4 years ago

*Double ended extractor is mine.
*Hot boiling water is NOT my pic

Start by boiling some water (it doesn`t have to be boiling, just hot). Take it off the stove and set it somewhere safe where you can sit and relax. Get a towel and place your face directly in front of the steam (PLEASE DO NOT BURN URSELF) and adjust your face to where the steam is comfy and NOT burning. Drape the towel over your head covering all areas around you so you don`t let steam out. Leave your face there for 10-15 minutes. VOILA! Your at home not do this more than 2 times a week. I`d say once to twice a month is fine, up to you...u will know how your skin works!

Now, for that double ended tool EXTRACTOR. You can do this once a month or maybe twice. If you do not know what you are doing then leave it up to a pro, as you can scar your face. Well after steaming and your pores are nice and open you can take that tool (the big end) and use it like a rake and extract black/white heads, all the gunk on your nose forehead, and chin area. *NOTE: do not use it literally like a rake like motion but pushing forward instead of backward if that makes sense* Please do not do this if you don`t know what ur doing, watch a youtube vid or something. The smaller end is for extracting pimples! This tool is a LIFE SAVER!

If you are just steaming your face without the extractor then you immediately want to close your pores using cold water when you are done. Alot of folks say to put a MASK on while pores are open but that`s up to you! I do not like chemicals on my skin so I just use cold distilled water. I also lather oils on my face before I start the steam but that`s just me. Just don`t steam if you have makeup, you want a CLEAN face! You can also add drops of essential oils (lavendar, tea tree for pimples, and eucalyptus if your sick) or u can add cut up lemons or oranges, get creative. There are also tabs that you can buy and plop them in. You can also buy facial steamers online if you don`t wanna do it the free way =D
I use distilled water or brita to boil I DO NOT use tap water!
The double ended tool I bought on amazon. gluck.

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