Asus-Customer Service Drama!

5 years ago

After recently reading a post from SMak on a customer service problems i got motivated to share my recent customer service drama with Asus.
I bought my Asus laptop back in November and unfortunately some months ago the laptop fell on the floor and the charger broke. I instantly thought that the warranty wouldn`t cover it and so i replaced the power jack on the charger myself and sent the laptop to Asus to repair the board power jack officially so i wouldn`t have more problems with the warranty in the future, expecting to pay something like 50$ or something since it was just to replace a little piece.

They sent me the price to repair and to my surprise they ask me for 450$ to repair it =o i was so surprised about the price, since it was almost the price that the computer coasted and they told me that the charger was altered ( because i fixed it at home) and so they would replace the whole internal board on the computer.
Its stupid since its just a simple fix and so i obviously declined the repair only to be now informed that to get the computer back i would have to pay 25$ because i declined the repair. I was furious because i wasn`t told about this fee and its ridiculous and other brands don`t really do this but apparently from what i search they have this condition in their warranty book.

<strong>To summarize,</strong> I had to pay 25$ to not fix the computer and still have the problem. I have bought the piece to replace on ebay for 8$ with shipping and i will take it someone to replace it, which will probably cost 25-30$. So a big difference from the 450$ they asked me.
Honestly, i like the computer but i think i won`t buy stuff from Asus anymore because they customer service is terrible and this "no-repair"/decline repair fee is ridiculous.

<strong>Have you used Asus customer service before?
Do you have any customer service drama story?</strong>

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