Some called them The Ancient Ones. Others referred to them as Guardians. They called themselves, simply, elders. For eons the elders had watched the cosmos evolve. They saw matter, popping into existence, unevenly coalescing into gases and condensing into gravitational anomalies. And, everywhere, they saw signs of fledgling life.
As these alien beings evolved, absorbed in their own accomplishments, each believed itself unique. The elders, however, studied them all, watching them develop and extend their control over nearby parts of the cosmos. The elders watched with particular care, knowing that their own evolution was taking them beyond this universe. They knew that one of these new forms of intelligent being must be selected to replace them.
The new Guardians must be able to spread their bases widely throughout the Universe. To do this they must know how to wield power, but also how to use diplomacy. They must conserve resources by attracting support, but be able to act alone when necessary. To find the alien life form most capable of this leadership, the elders devised a plan. They shared knowledge that the Universe contained many alien life forms. They provided technology so each alien life form could spread out over interstellar distances and colonize new worlds. Lastly, they made available a variety of Artifacts featuring effects that could be used by those clever enough to recognize an opportunity to help themselves in a rapidly deteriorating situation.
Thus prepared, multitudes of alien life forms were turned loose to seek their destiny, alone or in combination, among the worlds of the Cosmos. With each alien firmly convinced that they alone were destined to guide the future of the Universe, the age of Cosmic Encounter had begun.

An ability chart that shows how the zodiac team stacks up to each other. Just a bonus for my 50th page. Hope someone finds it interesting. It did help me a lot in figuring out how the team members compare to each other. I wanted each member to be the best at something.


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