Assemble! The Avengers` Style!

Hey guys! So the night before last I was up all night on my Nook looking up awesome Avengers stuff (yes, that is how obsessed I am :). Anyway I came across these amazing outfits inspired by non-other than the Avengers themselves! I took the time to tweak them until they were perfect. I was so totally exited and then I realized that other crazy fans deserve to share my excitement. Of course that made me even more exited, so here is what I ended up with:

Iron Man:

I love Iron man. I have a crush on Iron Man. I also have a crush on Iron Mans style. If I am going to thank Stan Lee for one thing here, it would be for not dressing this character in the obvious. What I mean by that is sure he dressed Iron Man in resilient steel armor, but he tossed aside the boring, all-dressed-gray-iron look to the side. Instead, the bright colors of red and yellow are strangely but truly beautiful together, and give Tony Stark an intimidating edge. They also compliment his somewhat flamboyant personality, as if when he fights he has no intention of hiding from his enemies.


Thor, (sigh) where do I start with Thor? I know I am limiting this article to the super heroes clothes and not whos wearing them; but I could go on all day with this guy. He is so big, and so strong; so powerful and so perfect. If there was such thing as an Olympian god of thunder, he would probably look like this. Thor has a sense of foreign powerfulness to him, and so does his wardrobe. Other than his long red cape, his outfits consist of mostly black and silver. The turquois bracelet in the picture will act as the hammer, just to top it all off.


Oh, Loki, Ive always cared about you, Loki. Its not fair that Thor received your crown. Its not fair that youre not really Odins son. But even though being a Frost Giant is depressing, you dont have to take it out on your brother, or the whole human race for that matter. If there is one thing though, just one good thing that arouse from all of your troubles, it is youre sinister yet addicting style. Green, yellow and black looks so good on you, especially when youre mad. It looks so good in fact that I think, with your permission of course, women all across the globe are going to take advantage of this trend. We will reserve it for those days when we are feeling particularly peachy, or so messed up we think taking over the world isnt such a bad idea after all.


Hulk, SMASH! That is all I have to say ;)

Black Widow:

In my opinion, Black Widow would be the face of the spy industry if there was one. Always dresses in form-fitting black clothes made of flexible material, armed with weapons that not even our Navy Seals are authorized to use, I think its safe to say that this is the most dangerous woman in the world; and for her style I would say no different. Lucky for us we dont have to work for S.H.I.E.L.D to copy it.


Oh, Hawk, what is it about you? I know that in the comics you were dressed in flashy purple and all, but here in the movies you surprise us with all this? I love it. I love your brown and black leather vest and boots. I love your everlasting sheath of arrows. I mean seriously, if someone is going to stand on the corner of a building and bring down strange robotic/alienated creatures with a bow and arrow, they have to do it in style, right?

Captain America:

I dont know why it took me so long to get to Captain America. He is the leader, after all. Maybe I was saving best for last. By best, I dont honestly mean best, I mean different. And by different I mean I am personally more interested in Steve Rogers wardrobe than Captain Americas. So I searched the web intentionally ignoring all of the outfits that made girls look like they had wrapped an American flag around their bodies until I found one that focuses mostly on how Steve dresses when hes not throwing around orders. Its pretty simple: combed back hair, light denim, and brown leather jackets. Oh, and need I mention, NO SKINNY JEANS! The last think that I think I have to say is that if you want to impress the Captain himself, skip the short hemlines like the ones shown in the picture. Rogers grew up in a time and place when moral values where more important than money. Modesty was something that people cherished; wearing revealing outfits didnt attract men, they made them wonder where the she had been. Its sad that people today are so ready and so willing to throw that all away, but its true. Just a thought in case you hope to run into this cutie any time soon :)

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