Aspirin face mask!

4 years ago

One of the biggest problems that I know so many people have is acne and all of those people always wonder what the best way to get rid of it is (long term and short). There are many home remedies out there that I am sure you have all heard and one that I have tried and has worked for me is aspirin! Sounds weird but let me explain!

You take aspirin to stop pain/inflammation right? So if you put this onto a red pimple it will have the same effect as if you ingested it for a headache or whatever.

Also I have heard that it also contains salicylic acid *the main ingredient in most skin care items) which helps inflammation and helps to cleanse and remove dead skin. I can not confirm that it actually contains this however.

But trust me it works!!

What you need to do is crush some aspirin tablets (as many as you need for spot/whole face application) and mix the powder with a FEW drops of water. You can also add honey or other ingredients you would normally include in a face mask as this will help it flaking off your face. Make sure it is paste consistency, rub it all over your face and leave on for ten minutes or so and then rinse off!!

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