ASOS Cat Print Laptop Case

Hello friends! How was your day? I`m so happy to be home although I had such a busy day, I just enjoy spending a bit of my spare time on Luuux. Anyways, back to this. I got this ASOS Cat Print Laptop Case for free because it was given to me by a friend. So here`s how the story goes:
When the mid-season sale started on Asos, I told my friend about it. You can see what I ordered /viz/asos-haul-few-items-perfect-summer. My friend and I have fallen in love with this ASOS Cat Print Laptop Case because we both have cats as pets. I decided not to get it as I had a few more expenses this month than I first thought and getting a new bag that I wouldn`t wear that often wasn`t a priority. So my friend ordered this and in less than a week she received the bag. But in the picture on the ASOS site it has a golden metal bar that was missing. Also in the description of the item (not available anymore as the product is out of stock) it was supposed to have an inside pocket. Since the object she received was faulty she was a bit sad. I told her to get in contact with Asos and tell the Customer service what was going on. They were really kind and said they will send a replacement and she can get rid of the faulty in a environmental friendly place. But my friend decided to keep that anyways. After less then a week, she received the new laptop case which was exactly the same as the first one. Previous to receiving this, she said she was gonna give it to me and she`ll keep the faulty one. But the 2nd one was faulty too. Oh well, she didn`t sent any other email to ASOS about this 2nd issue because she thought they will think she did it one purpose or something. But she gave me the laptop case anyways. And I was really happy because as you can tell I love cats and the cat print is really cool. Also I started some German classes and this is perfect for me to carry my books and notebook. And is also so cool and different. Me loves it! This laptop case was £20.00, but my friend got it on sale for £10.00. Now it`s out of stock. Knowing everything that happened with my friend`s order, I wouldn`t get this for full price actually. Although it`s quite nice, the quality isn`t the best. When I tried this on, fooling around in the house to see how I look with a big laptop case as a clutch the tiny strap that keeps a metal on which the wrap strap is hanged broke. It wasn`t a big deal cause I sew it but considering you pay for a new thing and it breaks right away after you got it, that sucks. Other than this, my other experiences with the Asos website were positive. Although I had a couple of orders lost in the mail, I always got my money back and the things I ordered and received were in great quality (Except a pair of red suede pumps that were wrapped in a bronze-y paper that managed to stain them a bit, but I managed to clean them after all). Whew, so I finally finished telling you what I had on my mind. And I didn`t fall asleep...yet! Not taking into consideration all I said before, what do you think of this? Isn`t the cat print just adorable?

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