Asian vs. Scene Hairstyle. Which one?

5 years ago

I really love both of these hairstyles. They are both pretty awesome to me. But I want to know which hairstyle is better..

Many of my asian (I really hate saying that word) friends says that asian hairstyles are wayyyyy better than scene/emo haircuts. And all my alternative-like friends would say that scene hair is the best and that asian hair never has a chance.

I think the reason why I can`t choose is that, these two hairstyles are actually the same.. Well in my books they are. Both of them are basically the mullet haircut, for women, and straightened spiked up hair with a fringe for the men. The only difference is that the scene/emo hairstyles take it to the next level, as in putting multi coloured hair colour in and teased up to the max!

When I told my friend that he told me that scene hair is just fake and that they are just copying the asian haircut and that asians invented this hairstyle/trend. Hahaha well i`m not to sure about this. Do you guys agree with him?? And which hairstyle do you perfer better?? Or do you think they are basically the same, like me?? I WANT TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

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