Asian Iced Tea?

4 years ago

photo is mine, please do not take!

All you Asian Luuuxers out there, if you are seeing the picture above and know what it is, yes i did get it at my local asian supermarket, haha!
Alot of people always ask me (at school) like what does that taste like? And what it is?

Well, seriously this is one of my favourite drinks when i was younger, and i havent got it in forever, so i decided to get a pack for home to drink! I really dont know how to explain what it is, and really all i can think of it is "Asian Iced Tea". Haha, it is really good though! It does taste different than your normal iced tea, but it is so yummy!

They usually would sell a single box in like bakery places as well, try one and i think everyone would like it. It is one of my favourites, beside Bubble Tea, haha!

What are your favourite drinks?

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine

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