Asian Food Etiquette!

3 years ago

Honestly, I did not know any of these and I broke one of them.
I was on Facebook and my cousin posted this and I was like what does this have to say..
So here is a quick summary:

General Rules:
-Chop sticks sticking straight up in a bowl is taboo

-Don`t ask for chopsticks

-chopsticks are for noodles

-When eating dim sum, if someone pours you tea, always tap three fingers on the table as a sign of gratitude.
-When eating a whole fish, don`t flip it over, as that symbolizes the capsizing of a boat.
-When eating family-style and without a serving utensil, pick up food with the opposite end of your chopsticks; otherwise, you`re essentially double-dipping.

-The minute food hits the table, you should start eating, rather than waiting for everyone`s food to arrive. It`s considered rude to let it get cold.
-Show respect to the person who spent hours brewing the broth and don`t squirt Sriracha or hoisin sauce into pho. It`s like putting ketchup in chicken noodle soup. (BUT I LOVE SRIRACHA WITH MY PHO!)

-Don`t ever blow your nose during a meal, even if it`s running like crazy.
-Don`t ever receive a dish or glass with one hand; always use two or put your left hand under the wrist of the right.

-Ramen has been specifically crafted by the chef as a complete item -- don`t customize it.

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Make sure you read the whole article I only included a few!
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