Asian Bakery Desserts!

4 years ago

I was suppose to make this post a while ago but I kept putting it off intil now! (I also seem to be doing that with my summer assignments for English and History which is bad since they are due next week!!)
I am personally in love with Asian desserts, cakes and all those things. Sadly, I live in Connecticut where it takes an hour drive with traffic to get to a place that sells these delicious treats. Plus, they aren`t even that good so it isn`t worth the drive =( I go to N.Y. a couple times a year and when I go there, I ALWAYS will stop by one of these asian bakeries to pick up some food! I even end up buying some of their bread and those long rolls (we call them "pillow cake") back home with me!
This time when I went there with my dad, I chose to order a slice of their cake a piece of "cheesecake." I also got a fruit tart and a cake to go. I am honestly in love with these pastries. My dad chose to get a sandwich and a tart with coffee =) What I like about these desserts is that they are sweet, but differently sweet than american cakes (if that makes any sense) I don`t find them to have less sugar, but maybe differently added in... I like how light and fluffy everything is and I could eat several of them before getting full!!

Are you a fan of Asian pasteries?
Do you find American cakes to be too sweet sometimes? For me the icing/frosting is really sweet sometimes!!

*pics are mine!*

**this kinda sucks, but some of my pictures aren`t showing up again... could it be because I took them with a different camera then I usually use for luuux?**

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