Ashton Kutcher Dressed as Steve Jobs Looks Remarkably Like Ashton Kutcher Wearing Glasses

If there`s one thing Ashton Kutcher looks like when he`s in his fancy Steve Jobs costume, it`s Ashton Kutcher.

The actor-model-whatever strolled near his home in La-La Land sporting the late Apple CEOs signature Lunor spectacles and an ever present confused expression.

What`s the matter, Ashton...

Still trying to sort out why in the world they cast you in the Jobs` biopic?!

We`re not quite sure either, to be honest, but maybe it`s that faded pink button-down? Or the baggy bell bottoms? Perhaps the red Kabbalah bracelet? Or, more still, the nude hippie sandals?

No, Steve wouldn`t be caught dead in any of those.

Too soon?

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