Ashley Renea`s Weekend Walmart Haul

4 years ago

Over the weekend i knew i had to stop by walmart to pick a few things up. I planned on running in and running out but naturally like im sure happens to all of you i got caught up and picked up a few extra items ;)
Here is what i got:

*Aquafresh Extreme Clean "Pure Breath Action"Tooth Paste-This was the item i meant to grab and leave before i found myself buying my other goodies. The reason why i like buying my tooth paste from walmart is because they always have the packs of "buy 2 get one free"..this trio cost me only $6.

*Goody Ouch-less Hair Ties-My cat is obsessed with my hair ties and has been since she was a kitten, so of course they`re always M.I.A. and i always find myself buying more..funny thing is the other day i found 4 of my new hair ties in her water she found the hair ties that i had hidden from her and why they were in her water dish im not sure haha.

*Contact Lense Cases-I lose these suckers constantly so i picked these up because they were super cheap and the multi color lids also caught my attention:)

*Wipe `N Clean Eyeglass Lense Cleaner-Since i was already in the contact/glasses section i saw this lense cleaner and got it as well since im almost out of what i have at home.

*VitaFusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins-Within the last 6 months or so my lips have been driving me crazy. For some reason they are constantly dry, peeling and sometimes even itchy..i have no idea why but have tried to many medicated balms and vasline to help them go back to normal with no luck. Well, within the last 2 weeks ive started getting little cuts on the corners of my lips which HURTS, ive never had them before but wow i feel sorry for anyone who has because they really are painful. I went online and read that this can happen because your body is not getting enough of something and is lacking certain things in your not sure if this is true or not but i picked up these viteamins to see if they would help. I dont know much about vitamans and there wernt a ton to choose from so if anyone can recommend some good ones to take i`d appreciate ot!

*Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub In "Brazilian Nut"-This is my favorite body scrub, especially during the summer when i use self tanner, it exfoliates skin my skin really well plus smells delicious while doing so.

Do you own any of these products? Thank for reading!

Images are mine.

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