Ascending polkadots (Mash Plate m60)


Here`s a great twist to the ordinary "polka dot design." Instead of doing just regular polkadots, you can do ascending polkadots, which is such a cute idea! Basically, it means that the polkadots get smaller as you go down.

This is a great look, and most people who would see this at first, would think that you would need to use a dotting tool and do this all by hand. But let me tell you, you`re wrong! It`s so much easier than that! It`s called using a stamping plate. And in this case, it`s called the Mash Plate m60! :)

Anyways, here`s what you need to complete this look...

1. Base coat

2. A-england "Lady of the Lake"

3. Love & Beauty "Silver"

4. Mash Plate m60

5. Top coat

And if you`re wondering, you can buy this mash plate, or any other stamping plate online. I heard you can also buy it in stores, but I wouldn`t know because I live in Canada and I`ve looked everywhere but no such thing here! Maybe in the states.

Anyways, I found some of Konad`s mash plates on eBay and Amazon. You just have to search it up on Google, and you`ll find somewhere to buy it! :) And it`s great because they only cost 5-6 dollars, which is a great deal!

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Have you tried Konad?
2. Do you like stamping plates?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)

Photo by Chloe`s Nails.

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