As seen on Tv music bullet VS bomb speaker

4 years ago

As seen on TV music bullet vs bomb speaker....which is louder????

I know everyone wants the loudest of the loudest that`s rechargeable without the painful use of battery. This weekend I got the chance to test out two speaker! So which is the loudest????

Music bullet (picture from source link below):
* Rechargeable
*Retractable cord
*Have different colors to choose from

Bomb speaker:
*Small and round...easy to put in pocket
*Can put it on a keychain

As you can see, I put loud on both since they are loud. But the one that`s louder is the bomb speaker. I had to return both of the magic bullet speaker (yes I bought 2) since they weren`t as loud as the bomb speaker.

Music Bullet: $14.99
Bomb speaker: $6.50 or 2 for $10 (I got two)

I bought the bomb speaker at walgreen. As an additional bonus, there was also a headphone included in there too. I know my mother in law bought her`s at Walmart which was $6 something and didn`t get any headphone. So if you want a mini speaker, head to walgreen!

Is there any mini speaker that you love? One that`s loud?

***all pic belong to me (I have not update my blog yet but just had to post it on Luuux first since the bomb speaker is a good deal!)

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