ARM processor has the most efficient on the planet

Chipset can be used in various devices and brings superior performance with lower power consumption.

Has been emphasizing the development of processors for mobile devices, thanks to its small power products and also because of some important partnerships, such as might exist between the company and Apple.

The company, however, also another important target market share of technology: one that seeks economic and chipsets that they can be extremely efficient in management and energy consumption. The idea is to meet a demand for processors that are used in other systems such as sensors and control home lighting and alarms, for example.

Called Cortex-M0 +, the new product is a chip 32-bit and the second ARM, is the most efficient of the planet, as it consumes approximately 30% less energy than current of 8 and 16-bits that are available in market. This means that besides being more economical, it must also provide performance far superior to that of its current competitors.

But why so much concern about energy consumption? According to Tom R. Halfhill, a spokesman for the company`s statement about the processor, today it is essential that the chips spend as little energy as possible, as more products resort of connectivity features.

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