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4 years ago

ARITZIA HAUL picture heavy Ive been doing early Christmas shopping and of course I picked up some things for myself. *giggles* I cant help it! There are so many cute pieces! Especially since the season is changing, time to stock up on Fall and Winter pieces.
Lambwoot Knit Sweater - Ive been putting off getting this piece actually. But I decided to get myself a wool sweater because its been super cold outside and I deserve one. It wasnt that pricey, it was $85.
Checkered Flannel Blouse - I really like this! Aritzia makes such great quality flannels. I was debating getting it is black and blue and the black and white (those darn salesgirls talking it up) but I was smart only walking away with the black and white. Which I originally liked to begin with. This cost me $55.
Double-Sided Long Sleeve - Just a basic gray long sleeve, but its thicker knit and super comfy and only $40. Its supposed to be double-sided but Im not a huge fan of the pattern on the stripped side. So Ill just wear it on the gray side.
Cowel Neck Hoodie - I actually really like this pieces as well! It actually cowel neck but can be turned into a hoodie. Which is super sweet and the other thing is Its super comfy kind of thin but still super warm. I paid $70, which is a little pricey. BUT, I dont mind splurging on pieces I like.
Un-Even Crop Top - I kind of just saw this and just picked it up. Im not sure how I even feel about it. This will probably just go in my summer dresser and just sit there till next summer.
Pocketed Crop Top - I thought this was super cute. I just love horizontal stripes and pockets. $40 so its not too bad. This will probably go in my summer dresser too.
Wilfred Black Jeggings - Two words. Comfy and fitting. For some reason I cant get a picture of this to get on here. Sorry. But theyre the basic jeggings. Cost me quite a bit but its super great quality and I know it will last for a while. I know I picked up a lot of grey but thats such a good layering colouring can be worn all year round, especially fall/winter. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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