Arielle`s Peacock Marbling Nail Design!

A friend of mine has been really into marbling nails recently. She is so skilled, I`ve been trying to convince her to make some tutorials for YouTube, but like me she doesn`t like putting herself out there on the internet. I mean, the most you guys ever see of me are my hands, and at most my profile picture!

This was my first attempt at marbling, but really it was her guiding me through the whole process. She pretty much did all the work, and I dipped my finger in whenever she told me to LOL! I think the most I did was apply topcoat and the nail decorations ;) I normally don`t like marbling designs, but she does a great job in choosing the colors. All of her nail polishes are from OPI.

What makes her design method different from other tutorials I`ve seen is she has this glass nail brush. She told me she bought it on eBay for $10. Normally people just dip their fingers in the nail polish in the pattern they created, but she sticks in her glass nail brush while your nail is dipped in, and continues shaping the design. It`s pure skill. I thought it looked easy, but don`t want to see what my left hand looks like!

I have never been a fan of marbled nails as I`ve mentioned, but I think if you don`t do it on all your finger nails, it can look quite pretty. I added the holographic 3D nail stickers for sort of a modern look.

<em>What do you think of marble nails? Do you like them or dislike them?</em>

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