Arielle`s Old School Speakers! #THROWBACK

I couldn`t help take a photo of this ridiculous setup my parents had at their house for the holiday party. They wanted to play music in the background, but my mom thought that her iHome speakers weren`t loud enough, and she wanted to bring the volume up. Instead of plugging in her iPhone to a set of speakers, she busted out this old school CD and cassette player. It was really funny because she took the time to dig it out, plug in all those wires, and it just looks really old school. I probably have seen these speakers or this player since I was a kid. It did manage to blast the music pretty loud, and I must say Sony products are much higher quality compared to Apple. We all go through apple laptops and phones so quickly and the wires on Apple products always break a little after some use. They aren`t meant to last you years and years, but these old school speakers and player are in such great condition, I think I might be able to bust this out for my kids and have them go "What is that?!".

I also thought it was ridiculous that the music quality was better on these speakers than it was on the iPhone/iHome combination. The volume control was better and it honestly played much clearer as if you`re in a shopping mall and it feels like the music is right next to your ears, but you don`t know where it`s actually coming from. These speakers are ancient like I said, so Sony`s quality definitely has a plus in my book!

<em> What are your thoughts on the quality of Apple products versus old school Sony products?</em>

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