Arielle`s New NIKE KICKS! Only $40 :)

I take advantage of the summer time to go running in the great outdoors. I like going to the gym, but there`s something about doing your workouts outdoors that just makes it so refreshing. I got these new Nike Kicks at the Nike Factory in Portland, Oregon this month. There`s NO SALES TAX in Oregon and the Nike Factory Store has amazing discounts. I got these brand new Nike Kicks in a bright neon yellow color. If I am running at night, I won`t even need to wear my gear, cars will know there`s someone out there just from these shoes. They are so bright, they practically glow in the dark! <strong>$40 for a new pair of kicks was so worth it. </strong>It`s important to invest in good exercise equipment from your weights to your sweatband.

These are amazing for running compared to just my normal tennis shoes. They are very durable with great arch support. Even though they are sturdy, they are still soft and comfortable on the inside. A lot of people get knee injuries just from running over the years. If you aren`t wearing proper shoes with the right support, that can happen to you too. I highly recommend these! I have a minor knee and back problem from dance injuries I got in high school. I noticed a difference when I wore these shoes for my morning runs. I`m not as sore in those areas and my knees don`t hurt as bad. They say that you should run on the field if you have knee problems, but I don`t have access to a field, just a normal cement sidewalk!

Stay fit with a new pair of Nike Kicks! You`ll notice a difference and even with the regular price of $60, I think it`s worth the investment.

<strong>Did you know that Oregon is the home of Nike?</strong>

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