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Hi Everyone!

I know there are so many posts going around about the changes in the new Luuux Shop, but this is a message to the lovely luuuxers I follow or have followed me over the last couple of months.

<strong>THE BIG QUESTION.</strong> Who is leaving? That is the main deal breaker for me here. If all my favorite people leave, then what`s the point of me staying on this site? I don`t think Luuux Staff even thought about that :(( The community dies and nobody even feels like staying anymore! I mean, I think most of us would stay just to keep in touch with our favorite bloggers, even if it`s impossible to redeem things. However, it`s the big up in the air right now, we aren`t sure who`s still going to stay.

<strong>DONATE OUR POINTS TO ANOTHER LUUUXER?</strong> This might seem like a dumb idea because of the possibility that people abuse it, but I think if Luuux Staff could give us the option of giving our Luuux to another member just for a one week period. I was just here for the Clarisonic, but 20,000+ points later the shop still wasn`t working. Basically, when it was 7,000 and I had enough to get the Clarisonic, it wasn`t about the points anymore. Right now, with the "gifted Luuux" I could still get the Clarisonic. However, I`m seeing posts about girls that have been on this site for 2-3 years trying to save up for an LV, Louboutins, iPad, etc. Honestly, I`d rather give my 36,000 Luuux to a member like that and try to help them at least get the dream thing they wanted. I mean, I can afford a Clarisonic, and it`d be better for me to get it at the Sephora store and get Beauty Insider rewards and what not :P You might ask why don`t I just donate it to the charity options. Honestly, with the way that Luuux Staff treats our users, what are the chances they have actually sent the money over the charity? I just don`t trust a lot of things about this site anymore.

I might be wrong, but I think a lot of members that have around the same points as me are thinking it`s not even worth it to cash in. I`d seriously feel more excited to give it to some girl to help her get her LV, etc. Then as a "reward", they can just promise a fun unboxing video (;

</strong>ARIELLE`S NAIL BLOG? </strong>I`m feel quite proud of my nail designs now after being on Luuux. I remember when I first started I felt really insecure. My older cousins and some of my friends have always made fun of my skinny alien looking fingers, and I don`t like my dry cuticles, which are gone now by the way thanks to reviews on some good hand and cuticle creams here on Luuux! Everyone that commented or checked out my first nail of the day post were really supportive. I take a lot of time with my nail designs, and I`m really happy with all the positive feedback I received from all of you! So I`m thinking about starting a nail blog outside of Luuux or maybe making YouTube tutorials. I just haven`t decided if I can commit to it yet because of everything going on after our recent move, going to back to school, and projects at work. However, if I do leave Luuux, I`ll definitely let everyone know the details on that! :)

Leave me comments down below about whether or not you`re staying! I think I`ve tracked most people`s separate blogs down, but I`m worried I might have missed something. Share your thoughts and info down below, I`ve only been on this site for a few months and the idea of goodbyes is already making me a little sad, so I can`t even imagine what it`s like for people that have been on here longer than me.



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