Arielle`s Chanel Nail Design!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Arielle who daydreamed about owning some Chanel pieces some day. She would picture herself slipping into a pair of gorgeous Chanel shoes, making a statement with her luxurious Chanel accessories, and being the envy of all with her classic Chanel bag. Then she was snapped out of her daydream and had to settle for painting her nails :)

I didn`t come up with this nail design all on my own. I saw a similar design in a Japanese beauty magazine, and I changed it to make it more my own. The design in the magazine had these little heart tips in black, a lot of rhinestones, and the Chanel logo for the accent nail. I used pink water stones, and did my black and white off the fence pattern. I`m not going to lie this took me forever because I gave myself a gel manicure for the first time. Let me tell you, I probably won`t try to do it myself in a really long time! I am a perfectionist when it comes to artsy things like this, and I kept accidentally smudging off polish. If anyone`s wondering, I am right handed. With most nail designs I can convince my hand muscles that I`m ambidextrous, but with this one, I didn`t even attempt to do both hands LOL!

This was a difficult design, but I am proud of the end result. If you`re wondering about the Chanel logo, I had these gold circle rings, so I cut the ends off to make the C`s. My boyfriend usually doesn`t notice my nails until maybe day 3-4, but I was in the living room watching TV and doing this for over an hour, so I think he caught on that he better notice! He liked it, I was happy.

...&& my nails are sparkling happily ever after. THE END <3

<em>What do you think of my luxurious design? Is it a little too much or just awesome! :P</em>

<strong>**I had to delete and repost four of my posts. With the glitch Luuux had, I think it affected my posts because no matter how I edited it, the pictures weren`t showing up. Thank you for those who commented and took interest in my posts. I apologize for deleting them, but here they are reposted and good as new. Just wondering did anyone else have trouble logging into Luuux the past three days?**</strong>

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