Arielle Sophia`s Hot Chocolate

The best part about Hot Chocolate has to be the foam at the top or whipped cream or the foam that melted marshmallows create! This is some authentic hot chocolate my boyfriend made for me this morning. I can be honest and tell you I don`t 100% know how this magic in a cup happens, but I have watched him make it a few times :) He boils some milk, shreds a bar of milk chocolate, and then a bar of dark chocolate into the pot. It seems like a slow process, but he has the patience for it! <3 Then it boils and he puts it in a cup and tops it off with his homemade whipped cream. I asked him if he could tell me how to make it, but he told me it`s his secret and a magician never reveals how he does his tricks. I will let him be...for now.

<strong>One word: Delicious</strong>

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