Ariana Grande apologizes to fans

But that great confusion has arisen at a meeting between Ariana Grande and its fans. The father of an admirer of the singer was so angry that he decided to write a statement for social networks that Ariana wanted to clarify. Looks like a Meet and Greet, the artist did not devote the time that the fans deserved this, which upset the father of a lot of them ...

`Ariana was, maybe 15 seconds with the fans, and I`m not exaggerating. Took a picture with her and it was not even talked. Not stopped for a second to show their fans some appreciation for the support they give you, all this support that makes the singer succeeds. Fans who buy their music, traveled to meet her, paying the travel and entry to be with her. `

A huge disappointment for the fans, but braveira, has an explanation. Ariana apologized to his fans.

`A fan gave me a picture with my grandfather and I had to go away because he did not want me to see him cry. I`m still suffering a lot and then wrote a letter to explain everything, but MTV has already told me that they were all gone. My heart is still recovering and is now, I see that it is true that he broke even. I was not expecting and it hit me like a ton of bricks. `

After these words, it is understandable that Ariana precissasse your space at the moment, since it has not yet recovered from the loss of his grandfather. I`m sure the fans already forgiven for not being able to spend more time with them. On other occasions, the singer has been relentless with their admirers and here we have some pictures to prove it.

Understand the reaction of the Aryan or you think she should have been more time with the fans?

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