Are Your Cosmetics Animal Friendly?

4 years ago

I`m a big animal lover, and I`ll be the first to admit that I spoil my 17-pound tabby but he`s a wonderful companion and he deserves it.

Because of my love for animals, I prefer to use cruelty-free products. And it`s why I was determined to avoid testing on animals when I was developing my own line of products Dr. Jessica Wu Cosmeceuticals.

Do you know that some companies still test cosmetic products on rabbits? They will drip eye cream or mascara into a bunny`s eyes to see if it causes irritation. Fortunately, these days there are many alternatives to animal testing and a lot of companies do avoid it. There are even synthetic models that can be used to assess how irritating a product is without having to drip it into the eyes of a living creature.

If you`re concerned about animal testing for skin care and cosmetic products:

Pay attention to labels. Many companies will state on their labels that they don`t engage in animal testing. You can also look for such telling terms as "cruelty free" and "animal friendly."
Read the ingredients. Depending on your point of view, you may also be interested in finding out whether the ingredients in your prospective products are derived from animals. Keep an eye out for lanolin (sheep sebum) and stearic acid (from beef). Some people also prefer to avoid honey and beeswax for ethical reasons.
Research the company. Many organizations will announce on their Web sites that they`re against testing their products on animals. If you`re unsure, you can research a company or write to it directly to ask.
Check out PETA`s Caring Consumer Project. While I don`t agree with all of PETA`s tactics, I appreciate its devotion to animals. The organization`s Caring Consumer Project features a comprehensive list of cruelty-free products made by companies that have signed a statement of assurance declaring that they do not test on animals and they do not use animal ingredients. Find out more at
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