Are you good at Street Handball?

Back in high school when I had PE, we were asked to be doing anything involving sports/movement "exercising" so I usually opt for something easy because at that time I had PE last period and the sun was shinning on you and it was super hot out. You will find me playing <strong>street handball</strong> or in other words American handball. This sport you use a small rubber ball where your hands are the paddle and you just hit it back and forth between the players.

There`s ALL these rules for those who are into this sport but I usually play with my classmates and we don`t follow the rules which is why it`s called "street handball". We make up our own rules. You score a point when the other player misses. The game involves a lot of movement especially when the other player throws the ball in unpredictable areas on the wall. You have to have fast response and eye coordination.. I don`t really have fast coordination when it comes to balls flying in the air. I tend to shut my eyes instead, haha.

<strong>Have you ever played street handball? Or the legit way of handball? Or played something similar like racquetball or wall paddleball which was influenced by handball. </strong>

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