Are Tattoos a Sin?

4 years ago

Tattooing is no longer something that is just in. it is a statement of art and something that can be "worn" permanently. there are many reasons people get tattoos. They can get one because they like Speedy Gonzales, so theyre going to get a tattoo of the funny little mexican mouse. Others get tattoos to honor someone or something dear to their heart. Or in my case (i WANT one, but dont have one yet)- one to remind you of how far you`ve come, and how thats created you into the person you are today.
While i think tattoos are a personal statement and a beautiful body-art; some may not agree with me. And at my young age, i am likely to be influenced by people to agree with their opinion.
But i`ve seen important influencial people in, and out of religion, having tattoos mean something dear to them.
Reguardless of what others may tell me, i will never go out and do something to drastic without first really thinking hard about it. it wouldn`t be big, nor would it be elaborate like others. but i dont want this to effect career opportunities, skin problems, or my reputation in the end.
What do you think about people with tattoos? What do tattoo-e`s speak to you? Is it something tacky and vulgar, or is it a form of wearable beautiful art?
Thank you for your input!
xo, Gaby <3

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