Aquarium Inside A Hotel on Dubai

5 years ago

When i think about big aquariums like the one in the picture, i usually think about a whole building just for it and dedicated just for animals, but by reading the title you have probably figured out that this one isn`t like that.
If being a luxurious hotel in Dubai isn`t enough, you can have a view at the hotel own aquarium and enjoy the relaxing moments that they provide. This aquarium is located on the Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai and as you can see in the second picture, the hotel is huge! I think its the biggest hotel i have seen and also one of the few that have their own aquariums.
The hotel has over two thousands rooms to accommodate their guests in great style and luxury, distributed by two towers that are connected to each other by a bridge. Inside the hotel, besides having their own aquarium you can visit, they also have rooms/restaurant where you can enjoy the relaxing scenery that the aquarium provides.

I don`t the how much it costs to stay there but its not cheap and i can see why, this hotel is awesome and the fact that it has its own aquarium makes it even better.

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