Apple VS Windows?

So this is the real Question on everyone`s mind, is worth the extra dollars for the windows surface or does mac consistently beat windows down. lets start with the facts,

Surface 101
Yes we can all agree that it is more expensive coming out of the gates then the ipad and some people argue that it wont have the functionality of the ipad, when its all said and done, it has a larger screen and when pro comes out it runs a full windows 8 rather then a mobile version which in all reality gives it more features in the sake of software, any game and or app or emulator (all within hardware specs same same as with any pc) etc... can be ran on it as if it is a computer because it is, built in usb, Bluetooth, expandible memory with either external hardrives or SD cards, list goes on.

yet another ingenious idea by the great mind of Steve Jobs, (may he rest in peace)
as per the ideology of where we want to be in technology he made this beauty to be as cord free as possible with the use of bluetooth and the continued development of the apple store meaning there is only two ports where anything can be pluged in, headphones and the charger/conectivity plug, outside of that it is only as good as the apps developed for it which might i say is blossiming quite well, the downside however is that 90 percent of the apps avalible are built for the ipod which is ok but just make the ipad feel like a larger ipod touch. and what we are trying to move to is a full computer rather then anoth mobile os operated device.

now its time for you to decide which do you prefer?

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