Apple retiring traditional Dock Connector!

All the Apple products currently use a 30 pin dock port connector and Apple is planning to retire that port connector on future products.

Why? Based on the articles, Apple said that the connectors is taking up too much space so if they come up with a thinner connector they can have more room for the battery and other "important" components.

And Why I think Apple wants to retire the traditional dock connector? I think it`s a marketing technique. Now since so many replica or other companies making universal apple dock porters, Apple wants to make another dock connector so those who have the old one would have to use the old kind (and if it breaks they have to buy a new one for that old kind) and with a new connector, Apple will design more iHome, phone cases, and stuff for the phone since you change one thing like a port, everything changes since it won`t be capable with the older generation stuff = make profit/money!

<strong>Would you want Apple to get a new dock connector?</strong> I wouldn`t... cause it`d be more of a hassle but then again, I`m sure some genius will come up with an adapter to make all Apple products work in one.

By the way, that guy (I`m assuming) his hands needs a manicure, lol. =)

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