Apple Removes YouTube App from iOS 6?! NO MORE YOUTUBE?!?! (Geek View)

I wrote an article previous from this one talking about Apple not putting the YouTube app in iOS and I wrote from the P.O.V (point of view) of someone that just uses the phone. Anyways in this one I`m going to take about the reasons why and my opinion. You can check the source link to my blog which covers the story more in depth but anyways Apple has there license with Google expired and they didnt want to renew it, I think because since Apple lost the case with Samsung and its running the Google OS also they removed the Maps application and made there own so this device is going to be all Apple. Whats your opinion on this whole situation, personally i think its stupid i mean come on Apple you should be focusing on the consumer, if you continue to make great products we will continue purchasing them!

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