Apple Maps Is Terrible,CEO Apologizes and Say To quotUse Other Appquot

4 years ago

If you have tried iOS6/iPhone5 or keep up with the news about it, you might know that the new Apple Maps that Apple created to replace Google Maps is a disaster, making users unhappy and they are showing it.
Apple is getting some backlash from users and media about it and Tim Cook, Apple CEO, made a statement about it where he basically says Im sorry, our maps are terrible and just use something else. Ok, he didnt say this exact same phrase but he apologized for the app and service, saying that they are working very hard to fix it and make it any good but in the meantime people should download something else from the shop or use google maps or nokia maps web app.

I dont use the Apple maps because I dont have unlimited data, so I need to have the maps on my phone and well, I want a better gps app but I did try the Apple maps and it gave wrong indications and wasnt able to locate simple POI and I can understand why people dont like it. I think Apple should have worked more at it to make sure it was good to release and it doesnt seem something that Apple would put out, especially since their products are expensive.
I think they should have kept google maps or remove google maps but make both available just on the App store so people could remove the app or just install it if they want to.
But at least they apologized and didnt try to create excuses for their bad work on the maps.

<strong>What do you think of the new maps app fiasco?
Have you used the new Apple Maps app?</strong>

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