Apple losing grip?

3 years ago

I remember years gone by where once the word tablet was uttered the word Apple would be the next word after or even before, their tablet were the cream of the crop, posing great hardware and an OS that compliment its hardware seamlessly. Apple devices always are great and well done sometimes lacking a few needed features but maybe that is a marketing strategy.

I have to raise my hat however to the Asus transformer line of products specifically the TF-101 Transformer Pad, which is the first tablet to have stepped into the ring and went head to head with the Apples Ipad specs for specs. Though it lost to the Ipad by a TKO in sales, it paved the way for the lucrative market of tablet products we have now and because of Asuss Inspiring Innovation Persistent Perfection ways this showed other manufactures that the highly seated supreme ruler of the tablet market could be touched. Now we have more options of tablets we would like to purchase as specification on these tablets have really improved which now puts the market at an equilibrium instead of looking like an Apple monopoly. I am in full support of a balanced market but not with inferior products, top quality straight across the board that make consumers really check specs and features to get an edge on what is better or which is better for their needs.

With that said, I still think Apple has one of the best brand loyalty I have seen in years. Much better than how the business sector has been to BlackBerry though BlackBerry had shot its self in its own leg by not keeping up to date with the ever-changing technology field with its line of phones. Then hit by the Iphone and scurry of Android devices, is still trying to limp its way back into recovery so far this is still pending.

While Apple keeps losing its reign over the tablet market, it is being ambushed gain in the phone sector. Though Apple was never a phone manufacturer to begin with they eventually ventured into the phone market on June 29 2007, where they had found and are still having success, however since the main stream of Android OS running in great harmony with phone hardware Apples long lines on release days seems to be getting shorter. Samsung Galaxy line now provides users with more screen real-estate that most users really require but are jumping on to this brand or concept made reality of larger screens while Samsung leads the way as the pied piper on its Galaxy devices.

While I truly appreciate the art of real multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy where I can watch a video and text a friend at the same time, I have to ask is this where smart phones will turn to next? Will Apple ever release a larger screen Iphone? While the recent Apple Iphones went to record, 9 million phones sold on its opening weekend between the 5s and 5c with the 5c seem being a bit cheaper. Will Apple use this to state it still has a strong lead on the phone market? I would not be so quick to jump as 9 million spilt 2 ways result in 4.5 million, so just for thought both models 5s/c sold 4.5 each over 3 days with the 5c being a bit cheaper not very impressive really.

Apples Iphone 4S in it first 3 days sold over 4 million then we have the Iphone 5 that sold over 5 million on its 3 days of launch. Therefore, we are back at the same square between the two phone sharing 9 million sales possible the 4S and 5 doing better with 11 million as there were 2 million Iphone 5 sold in the first 24 hours of pre-ordering not certain if that was calculated in the 5 million for the Iphone 5. Apples lead is dwindling out will they wait until it is too late to recover as BlackBerry did. We will just have to continue and see if Apple will hold firm in the smart phone race or be force to venture into larger screen phone then possibilities are we will have Apples Iphone sale competing with its Ipad sales.

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