Apple iPhone 6 unveiling SEPT 9, 2014

In just a few hours on September 9th, 2014 -- Apple will unveil their latest gadget and answer all rumors about the new Apple iPhone 6! Supposedly many rumors have announced that their will be 2 versions of the Apple iPhone 6. Right now in New York, People are lined up to shop a day early to know more about the latest gadget, however even if they want to buy the newest gadget - they won`t be able to until weeks later!

Current Rumors about the Apple iPhone 6:
- There will be 2 versions of the Apple iPhone 6, a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch screen
- Sapphire display for the 5.5 inch screen (a knife can`t even scratch the screen!)
- Improved mega pixel camera - perhaps a 10 & 13 mega pixel camera
- New and improved processor
- iO8 - updated Siri and hands free technology (HealthKit and HomeKit) Health Kit monitor all your fitness and HOme Kit for in home capable appliances/electronics/lights
- Larger battery packs due to the size of the large anticipated phone
- And much more.

When is the unveil? September 9th.
When can you place an order for the latest iPhone6? September 19th.

Are you looking forward to hearing the unveil of the latest Apple iPhone 6? Will you be getting an iPhone 6? I cannot wait, especially for the largest 5.5 inch screen! Rumors are saying that version won`t come until late this year which is perfect because my phone contract 2 years with AT&T ends the end of the year! I can`t wait to hear all the updated features of the new phone! Go Team Apple!!!

Would you camp out to know the unveiling? A bit extreme for me but this is definitely like Christmas for Apple fans!

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