Apple iPhone 6 Plus Bends in your Pocket!

What do you get for spending $800+? A phone that could potentially bend when in your pocket for a certain amount of time. Apple owners are noticing their Apple iPhone 6 plus are bending when in tight pant pockets!

A Youtuber, named Lew decided to put the Apple iPhone 6 Plus to a bend taste. He used force with his fingers and bent the phone (wasn`t easy), but the phone could bend. Although it did take force to bend, when bent, the phone is still functional but in later blog posts- the phone was cracked when Lew tried to straighten the phone out.

What are your thoughts about the Apple iPhone 6 Plus? Are you disappointed with the design that the aluminum can be bent? Many complained a few hours in your pocket and the phone is bent! I wonder if this will be a recall, luckily my phone contract doesn`t end until December so all these bugs/issued could be fixed (if there will be a fix)!

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