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After last week`s announcement, many analysts and technology bloggers got themselves in a lather about a completely new iPhone with a bigger screen. They were disappointed that this year`s model looks exactly the same.
It might look the same but the iPhone 4S is significantly faster than its predecessor, with a new camera and - this year`s most attention-grabbing feature - a clever voice control service called Siri. In hindsight, this year`s upgrade makes sense: it mirrors the 2009 upgrade from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.
The iPhone 4S has a new antenna design, which Apple says will improve call quality. Some iPhone 4 users had problems with dropped calls and the company hopes this new design will improve things. It`s also the only external difference between the two models: the iPhone 4S has extra bands at the top of the phone.
The speed increase isn`t immediately obvious. Apple does such a good job of refining the user experience in iOS that it has never felt slow, which makes speed increases harder to detect. Still, applications do open a little quicker and there`s a responsiveness to the phone that you notice when you go back to the iPhone 4. Once app developers begin to take advantage of the new A5 processor then we`ll really begin to see what this phone can do.
Perhaps most impressive is that the addition of the A5 processor does not seem to have had an impact on battery life. While testing the iPhone 4S over the last week or so, I`ve found that battery life is about the same as on the iPhone 4. I need to charge the phone every evening but I haven`t found myself running out of battery during the course of the day.

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