Apple iPad Mini Versus Google Nexus 7

A battle of iPad versus Nexus!

Sinec i heard of Google Nexus 7 i have been thinking of getting one, and now theyre finnaly in Portugal!
But with iPad Mini im still thinking which to get...
so i looked at GSMarena for specs and will highlight them for you guys..

Screenwise the google Nexus kills the iPad mini...
We are talking about a 7.9 inch at 1024 x 768 from iPad versus the 7 inch at 1280 x 800 . that makes iPad with a ppi of 162 versus 216ppi from nexus.

Clearly the winner here is Nexus 7. even my Lg p500 2 years old had more ppi in his screen than the iPad Mini... and when reading or looking at high quality stuff ppi will matter.

I wonder if the touch from iPad still breaks all over if i drop it like the iPhones and iPads from before...that was one thing that always drove me away...cant even fathom how many falls my android had .... still working very well...

On storage the iPad mini wins with an 64GB maximum memory, while the nexus 7 has a max 32 GB.

on the RAM nexus 7 wins wit 1Gb ram while iPad mini has only 512MB.
While eveyone could say, ohh iPad mini doesnt need more, it works very well like obliged to say the future the Ram is there and wll give room to improvements.

Both have microusb, bluetooth, wifi, but on NFC apple decided to not jump on the bandwagon Nexus 7 wins this one with NFC.

Camera: the google nexus only has a 1.2MP primary camera, and iPad Mini has a 5MP and 1.2MP camera...
While i can say that the rear 5MP camera its nonsense, since eveyone has a better camera for cheap prices, still the iPad its a winner here.

CPU wise, the nexus 7 has a quadcore 1.3 Ghz A9 while the iPad mini has a dual core 1Ghz A9. here the winner is clearly the Nexus 7 with a much better future upgradability.

GPS!!! yess....the thing i need a lot...iPad doesnt have it in the wifi only version...just GSM version...while the nexus 7 has it in the wifi version!
I already have a data package in my cellphone to share so, no need to get a gsm version.

Apple iPad mini 339 base version 16GB wifi.
Google nexus 239 base version 32Gb wifi...

So i can get for 100 less, a pretty much better tablet, that only loses on camera and wins on pretty much everything? and ohh it has adobe flash? (while it lost support it can still be installed)
yeah... will probably get an nexus 7...

Apple will start to loose some ground if they go only for the cheap way to maximize profits...once people start seeing their tablets has a chinese knockoff with IOS theyre done...

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