Apple event leaves 5 main questions unanswered!

4 years ago

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After Apple`s event on September 12, a few questions were still around as no one wanted to answer them:

1. Why did Apple leave NFC out of Iphone 5?
Near Field Communication isn`t an expensive technology, and helps phones a LOT!

2. Why the discontinuation of Nano`s pulse watches?
With Ipod Nano becoming so thin and lightweight, it would be expected that Apple invest in creating a sophisticated line of bracelets to use along with Nano, but they dropped the project. Strange call.

3. Why isn`t Apple TV being launched?
Apple is losing a lot of market in the smart TV`s, since Samsung and other companies are already rocking the market with theirs. Bad call by Apple?

4. Why did Adam Cheyer leave Apple?
Adam Cheyer is the main engineer behind Siri. He claimed "personal reasons", but most of the Apple top engineers have left the company in the past months, all claiming the same personal reasons. Doubtful ?

5. Why didn`t Apple announce the Iphone`s resolution pre-selling?
This made millions of applications in development (or developed) become buggy or unproportional.

Do you think Apple is falling apart after Steve Jobs? They don`t seem like a rock solid company anymore.

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