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4 years ago

Do you own an iPhone? Or any Apple device?
Dont you hate that Apple doesnt have a slot for extended memory?
Well here is an answer for you! DROPBOX!

First off I heard of this from my roommate who went to t-mobile to ask how to transfer her stuff from her memory card over, the tmo rep said dropbox is a good app. I never tried it with my blackberry, only because blackberry doesnt have the best apps; but when I got my iPhone 5 I just discovered this!
Personally I think that this is the best app for an iPhone because if you want to keep certain pictures, music, or videos this is a good source.
If you are a person who takes pictures on your smartphone for luuux, and you want to post your stuff on luuux on the computer this the app! I usually take all my pictures for luuux on my phone, i used to take pictures on my camera but it takes forever to upload. I love this for my pictures just for luuux. I dont want to plug my iphone to my macbook then extract them; thats to much time! So I finally figured out how this works and I love itt!!

-No need to plug your device to the computer/laptop
-Any computer can access your dropbox, by going to
-Good for backup; if your memory card crashes the media is in your dropbox
-For iphone its like giving your phone more memory; you can delete the pictures off your phone after it saves in dropbox and it will be saved in dropbox
-safely lock; you can have a password so people who like to go through your phone wont go through your dropbox.
-Free app!

-Memory-booo; free 2gb and get 500mbs if you follow the 3 steps online(on computer) then pay for more 100 dollars give you 100GBs

Thanks for reading!

What do you think? Do you like this app? Would you get it now? Do you have it?
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