Apple accused of hiding Samsung apology on UK homepage

4 years ago

So Apple has righted its wrongs and corrected its apology to Samsung that a UK court demanded it post on its website.
Visitors to UK news-sharing site Reddit have noted that in order to view the apology, you have to scroll down the page, no matter how you resize your browser window, CNET reports. It`s all down to JavaScript code that dynamically alters the size of the main image (an iPad mini) to take up as much space as possible.
The JavaScript resize code has been uploaded to code-sharing site Pastebin, and you can have a look at it here, too. (Apple doesn`t use it on its US site, where there`s no Samsung apology, though you do still have to scroll down to see the bottom menu, on a 21.5-inch iMac, anyway.) Whether this is a deliberate attempt by Apple to tuck the apology out of sight, or just an unfortunate by-product of the new page design, is up for debate. It depends on how cynical you are I suppose. I`m sure some will cry conspiracy theory, but I wouldn`t put it past Apple, especially considering its first attempt at an apology.
Apple posted the first statement on the matter on 25 October, but it was little more than a thinly-veiled attack on Samsung. There were numerous references to cases abroad where Samsung was found to have copied Apple`s designs, even though the whole point of the note was to say a UK court had found the opposite. Unsurprisingly, the learned members weren`t impressed and demanded Apple correct it. The new note appeared yesterday.
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I personally think that they are trying to push their luck with the court. I think Apple think they are superior and trying to threaten the US court that unless its gets its way it will just appeal, this is before the case has started. I really think that they should stop acting so foolish as it is an apology, and unless they want their UK CEO to be thrown into jail, they should really stop playing around.
What do you think?

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