App Translates Your Face Into Emoticon!

<em>Did you know there is an application that translates your face into an emoticon? You can use that emotion to tweet or just because you want to see what your face expression is in computer symbols.</em>

This free application was designed by the Japanese and this application is called <strong>Twika</strong>. It`s an application that makes emoticons based on your face expression.

<strong>How to use this application?</strong>
[You will need an Apple device that can download this free application and a Twitter Account]

Step 1: Take a picture of your face or use a photo in your library of your face. The only down side is the photo can not be moved so the photo you pick should have your face pictured in the center.
Step 2: The photo you will make an emoticon click OK if correct, if not go back and chose the right photo.
Step 3: It will process and load then you get your emoticon to tweet!

I wanted to see how accurate this application was so I chose a photo of me sticking my tongue out and look my emotion also sticks out it`s tongue too! In conclusion this application is pretty impressive and cool. You can now tweet a little impression of your day or how you`re feeling with just a photo of yourself, cool eh? :) Great application for those who like to tweet. I`m not much of a twitter person.

<strong>What do you think of this application? Will you be using it?</strong> I think it`s pretty impressive!

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