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This is going to be my first of many reviews of apps that I have tried out, so that it gives people an idea about what a application is going to be like before they download it, because sometimes they can turn out to be a load of rubbish!

Ever since I got my iphone 4 I have been downloading apps and playing on them when I have had a spare five minutes. The one game I go on the most is Tiny Tower. You have to build a `tower` that is pretty much like a hotel, but you have to earn money so that you can get more and more floors, but each time the next floor will cost more to build. When you add a new floor you get to choose what `type` of floor you would like;
-Residential, which is what it says on the tin! It`s a place where you can most in more people to your tower, which you can then hire for jobs and they pay £/$1000 per person for rent, which is a lovely way to earn a lot of money!
-Food, again, what it says on the tin, but this can range from a Mexican food restaurant, to a pub!
-Creative, this will be things like a pottery store, recording studio. Places for the people in your tower to let their creative juices flow!
-Retail, this is pretty much what it says and I`m sure you will know that it`s places like a hat shop, mens fashion and in my tower I have a mapple, which is a version of Apple, but it sells mypods, myphones and mybooks!
-Services, again this is fairly obvious, but it will be places like a hairdressers or a Pharmacy.
-Recreational, which will be places like an Arcade or Bowling ally, so places where you would be able to have fun!

The only downside to getting new floors is that you can only pick what type of floor you want, you cannot pick what shop/place you want.

Having new floors isn`t the only way to earn more money, you have to take people up in the lift and they will give you money, eventually as you get more and more floors, you will find that you`ll have to upgrade your lift, otherwise it takes a long time to get to the top of the tower! Every so often you will get a `V.I.P` come to your tower and they can do things like increase customers, reduce stocking time and reduce construction time.

This is one of the most addicting games I have played, I`m always on it, re-stocking so that I can keep getting money!

I hope you`ve enjoyed this first review and please comment if there is anything you want to know, or if there is something I have missed out!

-Beth Imogen-

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