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Last night, I made my weekly rounds on checking up new applications and I came across this fun game called <strong>Draw Something</strong>. It`s pretty self explanatory from the name of the application but all you do is get three words (easy/medium/hard) and you pick one of the three words to draw. Your opponent has to try to guess what you drew and if they get it right you both get some coins. Coins will be redeemable to buy more colors when you draw since there are only black, red, yellow, blue to draw with and for ex. if you wanted to draw GRASS there isn`t green.

The only down side is that you will come across some who are boring and just SPELL OUT THE WORD FOR YOU like seriously! At least try to draw it. I don`t get why people play if they are just going to spell it out and not even try to draw.

This game is pretty fun if you challenge yourself to try the hard words. Even though the words aren`t that hard, it`s fun to see other people`s artistic sides.

This application is free and if you`re in a drawing mood, you should give it a shot if this game is for you. :)

The only drawing I made was the boombox and the afro (lol).

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Photos all via Print Screen from my Apple iPhone 3gs.

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