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5 years ago

Hello! Today I wanted to talk to you guys about my app of the moment. I was going to do app of the month but, I usually change what apps I like a lot so I went with app of the moment. Today`s app is a game and you all are probably recognize it, Temple Run. My sister got this app from her friend and she wouldn`t let go of her ipod to even let me see what she was doing. After 4 hours she finally comes running to me saying I beat my high score 2,590,320 I was surprised so I decided to install it into my iphone and check it out. When I first played It I thought this was really easy and I still think that because all you do is run away from these monkey things and collect coins. I have only played it for a week and my high score is no where near my little sisters. I then thought how could she get so many points so when she was sleeping I took her ipod and started to play it. She had all these weird signs that made her go faster, a magnet to collect coins, and different coloured coins. I thought well did she buy something she wasn`t supposed to? Then i saw the store button and saw that you can buy stuff with coins you get while playing the game. I had a bunch of coins and hadn`t realized so I bought everything and played again. I did get a better score but not as good as my sister`s score.

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