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Stay on top of your finances. Keep track of your checking and savings accounts, your bills, credit cards, and loans. I first heard about this as a website. It is phenomenal! The website is totally trusted and will not leak any of your information. There are 6 million people who use this app on their mobile devices. It is completely FREE too, which makes it even better!

So you basically get all your personal finances in one place! You can set budgets for all different categories. You can split up your spending. You can see how much income you have, and how much you spend. On the website, you can see pie charts and everything. I don`t use this nearly as much as I should. This can keep you so organized and on track with your bills.

This also gives you advice! For example, it let me know that I was spending too much money on my credit card. To keep your credit score in great standing, only use a third of your credit limit.

You can do so much with this application it`s unbelievable. I love this and would recommend this to anyone who is not great at keeping things organized. Check it out, it`s free to sign up and only takes 5 minutes.

Have you ever used Mint before? How do you like it?


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