App Makes You Pay for Skipping Workouts

4 years ago

If you ever needed motivation to work out, this GymPact app would be perfect for you. I know I skip workouts a lot. I make a ton of excuses that I have school and work and that I`m too tired, but who am I trying to kid?

If you are the same way and kick yourself in the butt afterwards for making up lame excuses, definitely get this app. It is for the iPhone and was developed by two Harvard graduates. Since people hate losing money, this is a great motivator.

Here`s how the app works:
Download the app on to your iPhone
Choose the number of days per week you want to commit to going to the gym. A minimum of one day per week for 30 minutes is required.
Choose the amount you will be charged if you fail to hit the gym. The minimum for that is $5.
When you arrive at the gym, click the check-in button on your app. Since the GPS will automatically track your location, the app will know that youve arrived. If you try to cheat and leave before the 30 minutes are up, the app will cancel your workout.
If you fail to go to the gym, the credit card you listed on signing up will automatically charge you the amount you promised.
If you go to the gym however, you will receive money from the pool, which is an arbitrary amount. It depends on how many others were lazy and didnt make it to the gym."

Granted I know how lazy I am, so I rather not lose all my money to this app. Plus, I like to believe I am working out by walking around campus and running up and down stairs to get to my classes. :)

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