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4 years ago

This is my own review and all photos are screencaps FROM MY phone, not just me randomly filling in text pretending I used the app.

Yes, I`m going to rant for a bit because I see a lot of "app review" posts and I always read them because I`m always interested in new apps and I like to read reviews first before trying. But I always get so frustrated when users simply post a photo of the app icon from the app store and then write things like "Well this is a great app for a busy life style. It`s great and useful. It`s cute. I like it...etc" without really telling me what the app actually does. It seems as if they just randomly take photos from the app store without actually trying it out and just posting to fill in a post.

I TRY EVERYTHING out before I review them. Just because I find it useful for others to talk about my own experience.

Here is my review for the Qriket app for iPhone.

Qriket is basically a real-time cash earning game that utilizes scanning QR codes. It doubles up as a QR code scanner. After you scan, a screen will pop up with different icons, from a gold coin to "Please Try Again". Most people get "Please Try Again" though I`ve gotten $2 from it. You also get 10 wands a day to play a mini-game which is roulette.

There are 4 stages:
Stage 1 - Blue or Gold - You choose which color the wheel will land on and its a 50/50 chance.
Stage 2 - Higher or Lower - If you win Stage 1, you can go onto Stage 2, where you double the prize money. The wheel will spin a number between 1 - 14 and you choose if the wheel will spin to another number that would be higher or lower than it.
Stage 3 - Repeat of stage 2. If you win Stage 2, you will spin the wheel again, rather this time, it takes the number you landed on last time.
Stage 4 - Last stage where again, you spin the wheel and guess whether the number will land higher or lower.

The prize money usually starts at $0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 0.75 for the wants. This means that at the lowest prize level, if you win all 4 stages, you get $0.80.

I haven`t tried the bonus game yet so I`m not quite sure how that works.

I do know that there are a couple of glitches with the app though. I`ve had it crash on me a few times and so my winnings never went through. I also know that some people are missing up to $5 of winnings due to the glitches but overall its a good app to earn some extra spending money.

It`s already a lot better than the previous editions. I started playing this in November 2011. Back then, you joined teams and scan as much as you could. You earn points by hitting rocks every time you scan. And the team with the most points wins a prize money of $1000+, split between the members. However, if your team did not get the first 3 spots, you end up with nothing. At least with this edition, everyone can win something.

They payout through Paypal. And you can cash out anytime you want. The annoying part is it takes 5-10 business days to clear their e-cheque and Paypal takes a percentage of your winnings.

I wouldn`t count on this to earn money, I generally use it to scan QR codes and if I win something, great. I just let it accumulate in my Paypal account which helps offset my balance when I buy things online. It`s more of a fun way to pass the time with some prizes added on. I play this when I`m on the bus to work rather than zoning out.

If you want to look at the past QR codes you`ve scanned, just hit your homepage and then go to Scans. Click the item and you will be directed to the scanned item.

Hope that helps.

*photos are screensnaps from MY phone, sourcelinked to Qriket below*


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