Apology from Revlon =)

4 years ago

Back in Summer, I bought the Revlon Colorstay Gel Creme Eyeliner in the hopes of finding a more portable alternative to my pot liners.

I had bought it in brown as I wanted to line my bottom lids with it. The color turned out beautifully, however, it caused a severe allergic reaction to my eyes. Within 5 minutes of application, my eyes started to tingle and a cooling sensation was felt. A few minutes later, my eyes started burning and tearing up. I had to wash the eyeliner off immediately and my eyes got a bit swollen and red. And this was after 10 minutes of having the eyeliner on.

When I went back to Shoppers Drug Mart, they refused to give me a refund and told me to contact Revlon.

So I e-mailed Revlon Customer Service Support Group and 2 weeks later, they sent me an e-mail telling me to send the eyeliner to their head office, in North Carolina, and they will reimburse me for the cost of the eyeliner as well as the packaging fees.

The eyeliner cost about $8 USD but shipping it cost me $13! I had to buy a box for it and then ship it through air mail so it wouldn`t get lost. In total, I spent about $21 on shipping the darn eyeliner back to them.

Two weeks later, I received no reply so I e-mailed Revlon again. They sent me a reply a week later telling me that I would be receiving a cheque and it was mailed on August 28.

By October 1, I had not received any further e-mails or a letter from them. So I called them this time and the lady was very helpful letting me know that the mail might have gotten lost in transit so they promptly mailed me another cheque.

I looked in the mail today and I found a letter from Revlon apologizing for what happened and a cheque for $22.

By this time, I didn`t really care about the money because it`s been over 2 months. Even though there was so much lag time, I did appreciate the fact that their customer support department were understanding and not defensive. I`m just glad that the issue was resolved in the end.

Though now, I don`t think I`ll be touching any more Revlon eye makeup products.

Have you guys had any trouble with Makeup Companies? How did they respond?

*photos are mine with the letter and the purchase, the black eyeliner was from source link below*


Source link: http://beaut.ie/blog/2012/revlon-newbies-for-autumn-colorstay-creme-gel-liner-plus-gorgeous-new-shades-for-lips-and-nails/

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