Apocalyptic relief

So obviously the Apocalypse didn`t happen, seeing as we are all still here.. for the most part. But what if it DID happen? What would be your worst nightmare?

For me, I was terrified at the concept of a Zombie apocalypse.. probably because I am not in shape at the moment and would be one of the first to get eaten. Knowing my luck, I probably would have been one of the first to be turned into a Zombie. I don`t understand those people who wanted that future. Mostly people who are Walking Dead addicts probably. I bet they would be the ones to survive as well, knowing all the survival tricks. I am just happy that it was all hype. Not saying that it can`t happen, especially with the government adding Lord knows what in our water, food, and medicines, but I pray it doesn`t happen in my lifetime.

What was your feared death?

Image is my own: drawn by me, photo taken by me, edited with Instagram

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